Welcome to my world!

Welcome to my wellness tribe! 😊

What is growing a wellness lifestyle all about?

Growing a healthy lifestyle is possible! It takes work, knowledge, and commitment! But, it is doable with the right mindset. Do you want abs of steel? Are you willing to hit the gym every day? Or, do you just want to feel better and look better? What type of lifestyle are you really going to maintain?

Don’t let your idea of family, body type, happiness, self-worth, or success be influenced by environmental pressures! You are the only one who knows what you truly want!

It is really important to be honest with yourself when it comes to your health! I know that I hate to exercise so, I try to eat really healthy! My entire existence is based around family, food, and fun (adventure and travel). I know that I will never go to the gym every single day. Never say never, but I am pretty sure, I will never be a competitive body builder. However, I can still be healthy by incorporating better choices into my lifestyle, every single day! I can do little things each day to help me and my family live happier and healthier lives! You can too!

Reach out on social media or use my contact page (in the menu above) to receive a FREE ($100 value) one-on-one nutrition and mindset consultation! I would love to help you and your family become healthier versions of YOU! This can all be done from the comfort of your home.

What are my credentials?

I am a lover of life, dedicated certified educator, mediocre writer, beginner blogger, excellent motivational coach, practicing speaker, hustling entrepreneur, world explorer, self-care advocate, lifelong student, nutrition and wellness junkie/coach, disturbing foodie, new mommy, and veteran wife! Typical boss lady stuff, right?

This is a wellness and lifestyle blog to inspire growth in many areas of life, but mostly as a family! We are growing the wellness lifestyle of our dreams! Some would call our lifestyle unconventional. Most people have a few questions. What? How? When? For what?

We like to travel a lot, and we live in two places, South Carolina and Alaska. But, it’s the lifestyle we want, we choose, and we are working hard to grow! We love exploring this beautiful world through the eyes of our lovable baby human! Our lifestyle philosophy focuses on family, nutrition, mindset wellness, and adventure!

I believe our family will be able to sustain happiness because at our core, we strive to be passionate partners, loving and pro-active parents, mentally and physically well, and ready for an adventure! We are on the same team and have the same end goal!

Families aren’t perfect! Ours is not perfect! Everyone has had tragedies, circumstances, and barriers that try to bring them down!

The successful people keep pushing back. The successful parent calls another behavioral specialist for a second opinion to help their kiddo. A successful partner makes sacrifices for the good of the family! A successful person has to be persistent, open-minded, and want to grow as an individual!

Why do I blog?

I blog because I love writing. I am a professional teacher and nutritional/motivational coach! My heart loves learning and sharing it with others! I have always loved it. However, this blog also allows me to be my own boss, share my story, work from anywhere, stay home for the most important years of my daughter’s life, and connect with other awesome families. This first time mom needs parenting advice, and I hope to educate families about mental and physical wellness through proper nutrition and mindset.

Topics discussed on this blog may include:

  • Nutrition, Wellness, Self-care, Mindset
  • Travel and Family Adventure
  • Individual and Family Growth
  • Parenting Techniques & Mishaps
  • Questions to Someone Listening
  • Stories from the Classroom
  • Favorite Product and Book Recommendations
  • Nutrition for Curbing Unwanted Behaviors in Children
  • Motivation and Goal setting
  • Marriage and Partnerships


What are my goals?

I have found what success and happiness look like for me and I want to share that. I am realistic and grateful for the small things. I don’t value fancy cars and big homes. Instead, I value a healthy family, loving marriage, and a fulfilling career helping others. For me, it’s all about being a balanced person, who is goal-minded, confident, and has a growth mindset. Above all, I want more time doing what I want for as long as I can!

I can honestly say that I have reached every realistic goal I have ever set for myself. My weakness is that I am highly motivated to grow myself. So, I am constantly challenging myself with new goals and expectations! My current goal is to be more present and content with today.

This blog will document my evolution as a human and motivated entrepreneur! There will be failures, back-tracking, triumphs, and a lot of learning along the way. I have rewritten this home page twelve times. I find grammatical errors every time I read one of my posts. But, that’s what life is all about, and I am a perfectionist! As a private person, this blog is really personal for me. I hope you enjoy it. I also wish to inspire and build healthier families!

What do I do?

I believe we should get to know ourselves, ask ourselves what we really want, and set goals to get there. If you aren’t willing to put the work in, there will not be a reward! I achieve happiness in my life by filling my life with quality nutrition, good people, purpose, balance, adventure, love, self-care, and inspiration! I know, in my mind, that I can do almost anything. All I need to do is work my ass off, for whatever I may want, and set my mind in the right direction!

I can promise their will be tears and triumphs throughout our adventure. There will also be a few laughs along the way. Remember, no matter how hard the journey may seem, just keep swimming! 😊


How can I help?

I offer on-site and/or virtual speaking, coaching, and/or professional development for families and corporate groups.

Frequently requested workshops and services are listed below:

  • Nutrition and Wellness Coaching
  • Motivational Speaking for Corporate Groups
  • Corporate Luncheon Seminars
  • Educational Content for Websites
  • Teacher Professional Development
  • Trauma and Mental Health Education
  • Self-care and Stress Management Seminars
  • Growth Mindset Individual Coaching
  • K-12 Home-school Coaching
  • Curriculum Development (STEM & Nutrition)
  • Team Building Workshops
  • Customized Educational Events

Use the contact page to reach out for more information. 😊 Follow me on social media! DM on social media, or use our contact page if you have questions or would like to collaborate. All photos are ours!

I am currently working on a few books and an online course! Please stay tuned!





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