About me!

Welcome friends!

I am a lover of life, educator, writer, speaker, entrepreneur, small-business owner, explorer, self-care advocate, aspiring psychologist, student, coach, mentor, career developer, nutrition and wellness junkie, foodie, mommy, and wife! Typical boss lady stuff, right?

So, how do I balance it all without going crazy? How do I have time for all that? These questions have to be the most frequently asked questions I hear. The thing is, people are asking the wrong question. The question should be, why do you do all of those things? The answer would be, because I love inspiring and educating people about building the life/career of their dreams! I don’t do anything because I have to.

Everything I do is with intention to build the life of our dreams and to help others do the same. So many people go through the motions of living every single day, but never stop to build the life they really want!

I have found what success and happiness look like for me. I am realistic. I don’t value fancy cars and big houses. Instead, I value a healthy family, marriage, and career. As a family, we opt for 3 week vacations and adventures instead of holiday gifts, at the end of the year! For me, it’s all about being a balanced person, who is goal-minded, confident, and has a growth mindset. I can honestly say that I have reached every realistic goal I have ever set for myself. Now, maybe it’s time to start dreaming about the not-so-important stuff! 😉

I achieve this by filling my life with quality nutrition, good people, purpose, adventure, love, self-care, and inspiration! I know, in my mind, that I can do almost anything. All I need to do is work my butt off for whatever I may want, and set my mind in a positive direction!

This is a wellness and lifestyle blog to inspire you to grow and build the life of your dreams! You may also have a few laughs along the way!

I offer on-site and virtual coaching, services, and/or professional development for an individual or corporate group.

Frequently requested workshops and services are listed below:

  • Motivational Speaking
  • Trauma education
  • Education content for websites
  • Business development or improvement
  • Self-care and stress management seminars
  • Nutrition and wellness workshops
  • Lifestyle development/coaching
  • Public image tips
  • Curriculum development for businesses training
  • K-12 home-school lessons, curriculum development, and demos
  • Child camp curriculum development
  • Team building workshops
  • Career development and mentoring
  • Employee training
  • Customized Educational Events
  • CPR & AED Coarse (Coming soon in the Greenville, SC area!)

Will travel to educate! 😊 Email or use the contact page to reach out for more information.

Overall, I want to inspire everyone to build the life/career/business of their dreams. 😊

Follow us on social media (Instagram, Facebook, Twitter)! Email or DM on social media with questions and for collaboration requests or services. All photos belong to us!

I am currently working on a few books, online store, and online coarse! Please stay tuned and we hope you enjoy this life as much as we do!

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