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Making a Dream Our Reality!

Most people know that we love to travel. We love to see new things, experience new cuisines, and now we have an excuse to do it more! We have to show our new little “side-kick” the world. However, all of us commoners know, travel is super expensive and time consuming! This is how we try to make a dream a reality for our family!

Many people ask us, how can you afford to travel, and how do you have the time to travel? Luckily, our jobs are flexible. I have the summer and holidays off. I can also work remotely. I work online a lot, writing my blog, working on books, advertising, etc. My husband does sub-contracting type work. So, he is sorta flexible too!

However, what I tell most people is, we have tried to mold our lives into the lives we want to sustain. We know what we want and we are working our butts off, around the clock, trying to make it happen. We spend a lot of time in two places we love the most: The South and Alaska.

We love to explore!

For example, we forgo buying gifts around the holiday season and opt for a two week family vacation. We don’t value material things as much as we value memories and experiences. We take road-trips every chance we get! We love a great road-trip. We try to visit the national parks as much as possible. We love to be outdoors. We enjoy camping a lot. Something about sitting by a campfire, while roasting marshmallows, is so relaxing. We love to travel across the state line to check out a pizza joint we saw on television.

We recently began the next chapter in our lives and we want to share it with the world. This next chapter will provide us theΒ  security we need and the financial freedom to do more of what we want because we will have less debt. Our goal is to work smarter and relax more! We don’t make a ton of money, nor do we come from a wealthy family. So, we have to be smarter and work harder.

We are proud to announce that we are land owners. We are going to build a forever home that will be mostly, off-grid, and mortgage free. We are going to take our time and do most of the work ourselves. It will take a while. We will definitely rely on friends and family to help us reach this gigantic goal. We will beg, borrow, and use recycled material with pride! However, within 4 years, we could be completely debt free, and own a beautiful new home! Or, we could be divorced and bitter.


Dear Universe, I prefer the first option. Please and thank you!


The Moore Family


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