Don’t Like to Exercise, Like to Eat!

I think when it comes to maintaining a healthy lifestyle, the first thing you have to do is get to know yourself a little better. What are you really going to do each day? What type of lifestyle do you have now? How much are you willing to change to get where you want to be? What can you really commit to?

Diets don’t work. Some of us don’t want to exercise everyday, but we still want to be healthy. So, what should I do to live healthier?

I figured out a long time ago that I am not the athletic type. I have had the trainer and I educate others about nutrition. I like to read, write, travel, do outdoor stuff, cook, educate, and spend time with family and friends.

I dislike exercise. I hate doing it. I like doing stuff like hiking, biking, walking, yoga, etc. But, I’m not the go to the gym every day, diet all the time type. However, I consider myself pretty healthy overall.

What do I do? What would I recommend you do if you would rather eat than exercise, like me?

  • Move every day, find something fun you like
  • Go outside to increase moral
  • Eat better, everything in moderation
  • Don’t eliminate any food groups from your diet
  • Don’t compare your “healthy” body type with others, be confident in your body
  • Educate yourself about nutrition for fuel
  • Eat more colorful stuff
  • Move, instead of eat, when emotional
  • Pay attention to serving sizes

Basically, make choices to live healthier without obsessing about one thing or another! Everything is fine in moderation. Always try to make the healthier choice. If you eat a cheeseburger for lunch, have a salad for dinner.

Why should you believe me?

First, because Dr. Oz would probably agree with me.

And secondly, because I have never had a weight problem. I eat whatever I want using the plan above. I have tried one diet 10 years ago. I knew then, eating only protein, eliminating food groups, or obsessing about the numbers could not be healthy.

I decided that I know my body and the lifestyle I am willing to maintain better than anyone or any diet plan. I knew it was a simple formula for me to live healthier: move more, everything in moderation, make better choices, and be happy with my body!

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