Your Grandmother’s Secrets: DIY Organic Wellness Beauty Products & Simple Living!

Our great grandparents used natural oils, herbs grown at home, organic rose water, etc., hundreds of years ago! The making and use of homemade organic beauty products are not new… it’s just trending! I’m glad because it was almost a lost art!

People have figured out that it’s important to know where the things you put in/on your body come from. We want to know what the product is made of, more now than ever before. I want the products to be ethically made, environmentally friendly, mostly organic, and safe for my family!

Making your own organic beauty products can be time consuming! That’s why most people buy products! But… if you have time, homemade products are luxurious!

Try these 5 easy, cheap DIY beauty products!

1. Facial Toners

There are many facial toner recipes out there. My favorite place to look is Pinterest. I love the rose water recipes and witch hazel recipes the most. There are so many inspiring recipes out there!

This is one a my favorite, easy recipes for DIY Facial Toner:

1 Cup Good Quality Witch Hazel

1/8 cup Organic Apple Cider vinegar

6 Drops of Essential Oil

2. Facial Masks

I recently used a face mask with 1 part fresh aloe pulp with 1 part honey! Allowed the mixture to dry on the face, then rinse! Is was delicious and worked great! It is a great moisturizer. Keep an aloe plant around your house because they can be used for everything! How many of your products would you eat? 😂

3. Pimple Killer

Organic honey kills acne! No joke! I love bees!

4. Bath Bombs

Search “DIY bath bombs” on Pinterest! You mind will be blown!

5. Moisturizing Body Scrub

One year, my beautiful Polynesian student from Samoa, made a body scrub for me that I absolutely fell in love with! On the island, coconut oil is used for everything!

The base of the scrub was coconut oil with brown sugar, salt, and coffee grounds! The scrub smells so good and you don’t even need to moisturize after the shower!

Caution: Make sure you rinse the shower with cleaner so that no one slips!

I hope you are inspired to use better products whether you make them or not!

With Love,


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