Why should you cook and prepare your own food?

People do not cook anymore! Well… most people do not cook anymore! Everyone eats out or grabs to-go type meals so, so, so frequently! I get it… we are busier than ever! But… this lifestyle is not healthy!!!

Why should you cook and prepare your own food?

  1. You will save so much money! Eating out is very expensive, especially when you have a family.
  2. Eating what you cook will lower the amount of calories you consume! A hamburger cooked at home has less calories than a hamburger from a fast food chain, no matter how you prepare it!
  3. You will be eating healthier overall!
  4. You will know what you are eating and where it comes from.
  5. It can be more convenient when you have meal plans delivered using companies such as HelloFresh.
  6. You can use the time preparing and eating the food, as designated quality time, for your family.
  7. You can eat in your pajamas when you eat at home!
  8. Your friends will start asking you for recipe ideas!
  9. You can make sure your food preferences are correct!
  10. You will pay closer attention to foods that make you feel like crap!

Hopefully you are now inspired to go to the market, grab some groceries, and start cooking! Or… use a service to get you started, such as HelloFresh! Either way… get cookin’! 🙂

With Love,


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