What are essential oils? How are essential oils used?

What are essential oils?

In a nutshell, it is the extracted oil from the specific plant. This is very simplified, but pretty much! Essential oils are super popular, right now, and sales are in the billions of dollars!

What are the most commonly used essential oils?

    1. Lemon Oil
    2. Frankincense Oil
    3. Peppermint Oil
    4. Lavender Oil
    5. Tea Tree Oil


How are essential oils used?

Essential oils are used everywhere! People don’t realize how often essential oils are used in commercial products. However… they haven’t, until recently, been used so commonly, purely, and simply in the everyday home!

How are essential oils used, most frequently?

  1. Cosmetics such as toner, perfumes, lotions, shampoos, etc.
  2. Diffused as an aromatic
  3.  As a cleaner, for the home and face
  4. As a relaxant, when soothing sore muscles or taking a bath
  5. In recipes 

What are some of the benefits of incorporating essential oils into your lifestyle?

  1. Alertness
  2. Better Sleep
  3. More Relaxed Mood
  4. To Detox
  5. For Better Digestion

If these 5 reasons aren’t enough to convince you, do your own research! Which I always recommend…. even if Kylie Jenner swears by it! 😉

But, millions are swearing by essential oils to help manage disorders such as chronic pain and ADHD. So, please check them out for yourself!

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