How can I solve my digestive problems? How can I solve my acne problems?

Do you have gas? Do you have acne? Are you bloated? Do you get stressed or sick easily?

What if I told you that acne, weak immunity, and digestive issues are most commonly caused by an imbalance of GUT bacteria and your diet!

It’s normally your DIET!

I am not a scientist. I teach middle school health and science. I am not a doctor. I have a degree in science education, certificate in health coaching, and I am a wellness junkie! I read so much about self-care, mind-set, wellness, and nutrition.

But, I learned what I know from experience!

I noticed that when I was eating poorly, drinking too much alcohol, and/or super stressed, I would get acid re-flux! One time it was so bad I went to the hospital. No lie! At the same time, my face would become a mess, acne everywhere! I would get cystic acne. It takes forever to heal!

These 4 lifestyle habits have helped me tremendously, and I hope they help you too!


With Love,



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