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What is Growth Mindset?

What is Growth Mindset all about?

I am a believer in Growth Mindset. The term is frequently referenced within the education profession. But, in the real world, the term is not thrown around, as often. In my opinion every person, in the world, should be practicing this technique, and sharing it with everyone they know.


What is Growth Mindset?

Growth mindset is a way of thinking. It is used in the education profession to encourage students to change their attitudes towards learning. Many students want to quit, or have doubts with their ability level. Sometimes, public education puts a spotlight on students with “learning disabilities.” But, that is an entirely different blog post. A person who practices a Growth Mindset turns I can’t into I can find a way, even if I have to use a resource, or tool to help me!

How can a Growth Mindset help you?

Firstly, self confidence is attractive. Potential partners, friends, and employers want someone who is confident! Have you ever seen someone walk into a room, who is noticeably confident? It’s a good look. Being confident takes a certain mindset. Someone who is practicing a Growth Mindset has confidence. They are confident that they can do anything, within reason, and aren’t afraid of the speed bumps along the way.

How can I get a Growth Mindset?

It’s practiced like yoga, and all of the other self-care techniques out there. You have to practice each day. You have to wake up with the intent to climb the mountain, and enjoy every second of it. You have to wake up and say, “I’m not perfect but, I’m pretty great. I’m all I’m going to get, and let’s grow today, into a better human!” Then, add something in your pep talk about self-care, and the reward for your hard work!

How has Growth Mindset worked for me?

I have been practicing this technique for a long time, even before it was a thing. I was obsessed with Oprah as a child. Her motivational and self-help shows were so educational and inspiring. I’m an old soul. I used to come home from middle school, watch Oprah, and have a snack. I am always reading a self-care or personal improvement book, most of the time. Then, I ran across a documentary called, The Secret, at a really young age. All of these motivational materials influenced me as a really young adult. I believe setting goals and reaching them is possible. Using this philosophy, I have reached every realistic goal I have set for myself. I told my parents I wanted to be the first female president, in middle school! I have decided to pursue a different path, currently. But, that is too funny!

You have to believe in you more than anyone else. You have to push yourself harder than anyone else will. The practice seems so simple, but the most simplistic habit can be hard to break or implement into a routine! Try it! Set a daily alarm with inspirational quotes to remind you to grow a little each day in some area of your life. I am rooting for you and me! ๐Ÿ˜‰


Don’t Like to Exercise, Like to Eat!

I think when it comes to maintaining a healthy lifestyle, the first thing you have to do is get to know yourself a little better. What are you really going to do each day? What type of lifestyle do you have now? How much are you willing to change to get where you want to be? What can you really commit to?

Diets don’t work. Some of us don’t want to exercise everyday, but we still want to be healthy. So, what should I do to live healthier?

I figured out a long time ago that I am not the athletic type. I have had the trainer and I educate others about nutrition. I like to read, write, travel, do outdoor stuff, cook, educate, and spend time with family and friends.

I dislike exercise. I hate doing it. I like doing stuff like hiking, biking, walking, yoga, etc. But, I’m not the go to the gym every day, diet all the time type. However, I consider myself pretty healthy overall.

What do I do? What would I recommend you do if you would rather eat than exercise, like me?

  • Move every day, find something fun you like
  • Go outside to increase moral
  • Eat better, everything in moderation
  • Don’t eliminate any food groups from your diet
  • Don’t compare your “healthy” body type with others, be confident in your body
  • Educate yourself about nutrition for fuel
  • Eat more colorful stuff
  • Move, instead of eat, when emotional
  • Pay attention to serving sizes

Basically, make choices to live healthier without obsessing about one thing or another! Everything is fine in moderation. Always try to make the healthier choice. If you eat a cheeseburger for lunch, have a salad for dinner.

Why should you believe me?

First, because Dr. Oz would probably agree with me.

And secondly, because I have never had a weight problem. I eat whatever I want using the plan above. I have tried one diet 10 years ago. I knew then, eating only protein, eliminating food groups, or obsessing about the numbers could not be healthy.

I decided that I know my body and the lifestyle I am willing to maintain better than anyone or any diet plan. I knew it was a simple formula for me to live healthier: move more, everything in moderation, make better choices, and be happy with my body!

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Our Road-Trip Bucket List: Top 5 Road-Trips in the USA

I was looking at a list of the top road-trips traveled in the United States, a few days ago, trying to get inspired. I was surprised that we have already taken many of them. We have been blessed enough to see most of the United States and Canada by automobile. We have so many memories and a deeper love for our continent and the life living on it!

We highly recommend planning a road trip with someone you enjoy! It brings you closer together or makes you realize why you don’t want to be closer. Stop where you want. Research your stops or don’t. We plan our trips around food. Duh! Let the wind blow in your hair and enjoy the freedom. Download some of your favorite tunes, bring what makes you comfortable, and have a blast! Doctor’s order!

These are the top 5 road-trips we have loved so far:

  1. Blue Ridge Parkway: Mountains ofย ย North Carolina, South Carolina, Tennessee
  2. Richardson Highway in Alaska: Valdez to Fairbanks
  3. Seward Highway in Alaska: Anchorage to Seward
  4. The Alaska Highway: Canada and Alaska
  5. The Redwoods Forest and Scenic Highway: California and the Pacific West Coast

These are the top 5ย road-trips we hope to enjoy in the near future:

  1. The Outer Banks: North Carolina Coast
  2. Coast of Maine and North East Coast
  3. Overseas Highway: Florida Keys
  4. Hana Coast Line: Hawaii
  5. Wyoming to Montana: Yellowstone National Park

We promise that all of the road-trips, listed above, will knock your wheels off, not literally. Well, the Alaska highway could possible knock your wheels off, literally. Either way, we hope to have inspired you to get on the road. No matter the trip you choose, have a blast, and stay safe! ๐Ÿ™‚ We are always planning our next trip! Follow us on social media!



Seward Highway in Alaska
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Making a Dream Our Reality!

Most people know that we love to travel. We love to see new things, experience new cuisines, and now we have an excuse to do it more! We have to show our new little “side-kick” the world. However, all of us commoners know, travel is super expensive and time consuming! This is how we try to make a dream a reality for our family!

Many people ask us, how can you afford to travel, and how do you have the time to travel? Luckily, our jobs are flexible. I have the summer and holidays off. I can also work remotely. I work online a lot, writing my blog, working on books, advertising, etc. My husband does sub-contracting type work. So, he is sorta flexible too!

However, what I tell most people is, we have tried to mold our lives into the lives we want to sustain. We know what we want and we are working our butts off, around the clock, trying to make it happen. We spend a lot of time in two places we love the most: The South and Alaska.

We love to explore!

For example, we forgo buying gifts around the holiday season and opt for a two week family vacation. We don’t value material things as much as we value memories and experiences. We take road-trips every chance we get! We love a great road-trip. We try to visit the national parks as much as possible. We love to be outdoors. We enjoy camping a lot. Something about sitting by a campfire, while roasting marshmallows, is so relaxing. We love to travel across the state line to check out a pizza joint we saw on television.

We recently began the next chapter in our lives and we want to share it with the world. This next chapter will provide us theย  security we need and the financial freedom to do more of what we want because we will have less debt. Our goal is to work smarter and relax more! We don’t make a ton of money, nor do we come from a wealthy family. So, we have to be smarter and work harder.

We are proud to announce that we are land owners. We are going to build a forever home that will be mostly, off-grid, and mortgage free. We are going to take our time and do most of the work ourselves. It will take a while. We will definitely rely on friends and family to help us reach this gigantic goal. We will beg, borrow, and use recycled material with pride! However, within 4 years, we could be completely debt free, and own a beautiful new home! Or, we could be divorced and bitter.


Dear Universe, I prefer the first option. Please and thank you!


The Moore Family

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Dear Women, Please Be Safe!

My heart is saddened as I write this article. I hope that some good comes out of the evil that happened, recently, in Columbia, South Carolina, the town of my Alma mater.

First of all, South Carolina is a wonderful place to travel, live, and go to college. It is my home state. I love it. South Carolina has some of the best food and friendliest faces you will ever encounter. The weather is great, year round. People, especially retirees, are flocking to South Carolina because the cost of living is low and the economy is thriving.

When a horrific act of pure evil rocks your home state it is so heartbreaking. I am writing this post to honor the life of Samantha Josephson. I hope this blog post is read by someone, somewhere, and I hope it saves at least one life to honor the life of Ms. Josephson. I have a young daughter. I cannot imagine what her family is going through!

Dear Women,

I am writing you this letter to remind you that we, women of all size, ethnicity, and age, are capable of being independent, strong, smart, and sexy boss ladies in the 21st century! However, we are still vulnerable.

There are men out there who still believe that women are inferior beings. There are still men out there who believe that if you are not accompanied by a male chaperone, you are fair game! There are people out there who are pure evil! Protect yourself, stay alert, and stick together!


A Concerned Mother

Please bless our daughters and sons with a better world!

Here are a few tips to stay safe and hopefully save a life!

  • Let someone know where you are going.
  • Stick together. So, so, so important.
  • I typically feel safer using public transportation with a lot of other people vs. me and a cab driver. I will not ride in a cab alone.
  • Stay with the crowd.
  • Make sure your phone is charged and memorize an emergency contact number.
  • Don’t get too intoxicated. If you have a few drinks, go to a well known pub. Watch the bartender make your drinks.
  • Never accept a drink from someone that is not the bartender!
  • Never, ever, ever leave with some person you just met.
  • Be vigilant.
  • Follow your gut. If it feels weird, get out fast!
  • Stay out of dark areas.
  • Park your car near a door, camera, or light.
  • Make sure you stop for fuel at a well lit service station.
  • Yell, scream, fight if you are harassed. Make a scene. Set off the alarm on the car. Pull the fire alarm in an elevator or apartment complex.
  • Take a self-defense class.
  • Carry pepper spray.
  • Learn to shoot a gun and/or get a concealed weapon’s permit.
  • Tip from the Oprah Show: Never let them get you to the next location. They will be in more control there.

Written to honor Samantha Josephson’s life!