Products and Services

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Services Offered:

Motivational Speaking

Workshops are customized for corporate training, teacher professional development, etc. Frequently requested professional development topics include:

  • Growth mindset
  • Self-care
  • Wellness
  • Nutrition
  • Stress management
  • Social Emotional intelligence

Family Nutrition & Wellness Coaching

I specialize in working 1:1 with women who are ready for growth!

Products I Love and Use Everyday:

As a wellness junkie, I have tried, researched, and threw away one bad product after another!

Here is a list of my FAVORITE wellness products. They help me keep my family healthy!

Organic DIY Products

DIY wellness products are my favorite. Check out my Pinterest page for inspiration! I believe you should know where your products are coming from. Not to mention, you can save a ton of money if you have the time and want to spend it on making wellness products! This is one of my favorite things to do!


I started using HelloFreshโ„ข๏ธ when I want to go to a more plant-based diet. I was always cooking the same recipes over and over. I wanted to try new vegetarian dishes. But, I didn’t want to waste a lot of money! HelloFreshโ„ข๏ธ gives me ideas, and allow me to try new stuff, with little risk! Use the link above for $40 off your first order! It really is affordable, convenient, and yummy!


I have not been on a diet in 10 years! After the baby, I needed to do something! I needed to lose the weight! I don’t always eat clean. I don’t exercise everyday. I love carbs and red wine! I chose to use Arbonne’s products on my journey (to get my body back after baby) because they really are second to no one! Arbonne has been around for 40 years. All the products are safe, beneficial, cruelty-free, and gluten-free! They honestly care about you and the planet!

I decided to become an independent consultant so I could get the amazing discount, share my love for ARBONNE with you, and earn extra bucks ! They empower individuals to start their own side-hustle by earning commissions and savings, with endless possibilities for growth!


This company empowers the women of Bolivia to supporting their families and community! Each product is hand-made and helps a child in need. One beanie = Five meals. One bracelet = One dental care. Rock bB = Change lives.โ„ข Use GROWWITHME for a nice discount at checkout!

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